Why I Am Grateful to Live in America (Part Two)

It’s day 10 in my 365-day goal to express gratitude for all the wonderful things in my life, and today I want to continue talking about America. I love this country. I love the people, the history, and more than anything else: the geology. America’s diversity is not limited to its hundreds of cultures living… Read More »

Why I Am Grateful to Live in America (Part One)

Today I am grateful to be living in the United States of America. In my opinion, it is the best nation on the earth, and for reasons that are holistically bigger than any single reason alone. It’s not just our people, or our form of government, or our services, or our history (warts and all)… Read More »

A Year of Gratitude, Day 8

Today, on the 8th day of my 48th year, I am grateful for Star Wars. I am thankful for having been a boy when the first Star Wars film came out — when Han shot first, and Luke called out “Carrie” in the Yavin 4 hangar. When R2 couldn’t fly, Obi-Wan didn’t lie, and no… Read More »

A Year of Gratitude, Day 7

Today I am grateful for pizza. I  know, I know, it sounds trivial. What a stupid thing to show gratitude to, but I don’t care. You don’t have to only be thankful for big, important things. Sometimes the little things in your life can be just as worthy of a nod of thanks. Pizza is… Read More »

A Deathful Peace is FREE This Weekend!

My book, A Deathful Peace, which is the first of a three-part novella series, is totally and completely FREE this weekend, through to Tuesday the 17th. That’s 100% off from the normally reasonable $.99 that it normally goes for. A Deathful Peace tells the story of Kreegan D’uarr, a retired and self-exiled champion who is… Read More »

A Year of Gratitude, Day 6

Today I am grateful for grace. Grace means elegance, or refinement. It also means “the unearned gift of God.” When Thomas Covenant returned to the Land, to fight Lord Foul, he was told by an old friend, “This is the grace that was given to you: to bear what must be borne.” I have spent… Read More »

A Year of Gratitude, Day 5

Well, I am running out of kids to be grateful for in my quest to express gratitude every day of my 48th year. For Day 5, though, I have saved the best (so far!) for last, with my newest bundle of joy, Daenerys Winter Aurora, the baby of all dragons, the littlest khaleesi of the… Read More »

How to Give BETTER Impromptu Speeches

How many of you have the same fear that I do? You know – you walk into the all-employee safety meeting and the boss is there, saying “I’m going to go over safety incidents this month and talk about the business a little, but first, BAM! KARAOKE FIGHT!” Jukebox pops out of the wall, someone… Read More »

A Year of Gratitude, Day 4

Today I am grateful for my little wrecking ball, Kai Adama Starlord Clary.  When he was born — just about a year-and-a-half ago, he clocked in as the nerdiest name of all our children, taking the spot from Arwen. He had curly strawberry blonde hair (where the heck did that come from) and an impish… Read More »

A Year of Gratitude, Day 3

My daughter, Arwen Shenandoah Elizabeth, is my most favorite 6-year-old in the whole world. She is a force of nature, a Cat-5 hurricane of energy, stubborn willfulness, creativity and passion for animals, cartoons, and art. She is the thing I am grateful today on Day 3 of my Year of Gratitude. Arwen makes me smile… Read More »