Happy Mother’s Day!

By | May 10, 2015

Today’s the day we celebrate the mothers in our lives. The women who birthed us, the matriarchs who raised us, the spouses who provided our own children. It’s a day to be remembered, a day to honor the roughly half the population who did the heavy lifting when it came to populating the species.

I could say stuff about my mom all day. I have great stories about the funny things she’s done, the sad, poignant stories she’s told, the crazy-mom antics she’s pulled. But those are my stories. They have no meaning outside our family. They wouldn’t be as funny or poignant or crazy. Outsiders looking in on a tight family dynamic never really grasp the chemistry that makes it run.

mom70sMom and my sister and I, circa 1970

What I can say is this: when I hit rock bottom, my mom was there for me, and in a visceral way I would have never anticipated. She quit the best job she ever had, sold the custom home she’d just finished building, and moved to be closer to me, just to support me in my time of need. What more can be said?

I love my mom. I always will. A decade is coming — better not be this one!!! — when I won’t have her any more. I want to make sure that when she moves on to her next adventure, she knows she did good, and that her baby will be ok. I want to make sure that in the final moments of her life, she knows how loved, appreciated, and needed she always was.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms. We love you!

mom80sThe poodle-perm in the 80s was a bit much, Mom. Just sayin’.


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