A Deathful Peace is FREE This Weekend!

By | January 13, 2017

My book, A Deathful Peace, which is the first of a three-part novella series, is totally and completely FREE this weekend, through to Tuesday the 17th. That’s 100% off from the normally reasonable $.99 that it normally goes for.

A Deathful Peace tells the story of Kreegan D’uarr, a retired and self-exiled champion who is brought back into the hero business when old enemies reemerge to threaten not just his kingdom, but the entire world. Oh, that old chestnut? Yes, indeed.

I actually got legendary science fiction writer Piers Anthony to endorse the book:

“I have no idea who David Clary is, and I haven’t read A Deathful Place. But I know his type: he has a dream. That makes him one of us. My dream was long ago, and it finally came true. David’s dream is now, and you can help him realize it simply by buying and reading his book. Why should you pass up an opportunity like that?”

— Piers Anthony

Please give the book a try. I just know you’ll like it!

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