New Year, New Me, New Goals

By | January 8, 2017

Happy 48th birthday, me!

Holy crap. 48. Well, it was bound to happen someday. Specifically it was bound to happen 48 years after I was born, and today just happens to be that day. And just like every year about this time, it’s also just a week after New Year’s Day, the time most people make New Year’s Resolutions.

I had a pretty good 2016. I have some specific goals for 2017, though, and so I am going to lay them out right here, documented for the world to see. I want these goals to be realistic, achievable, and awesome. Let’s go:


  • 1 Great Year

This is totally doable. All I have to do is stay focused on the goals I have set for myself, be aware of the plans the universe has for me that are outside my goals, and keep my family happy, healthy, and whole. So if I do these four subtasks, I can claim success for the main goal.

    • Do great at my new job
    • Be a great husband
    • Be a great dad
    • Make the world a great place

  • 10 Published Books

I published five books in 2016, only writing occasionally. I want to double that and publish 10 in 2017. I am already in the weeds on three. I just need to stay focused.

(No pic here. Just imagine me fat.)

  • 100 Pounds Lost

That will put me at just over my just-after high-school weight. I need to be there, to help with goal #1. I figure 10 pounds a month will do it, then I’ll cheat through November and December.

  • 1000 Posts Written

This is #1.

  • 10000 Items Sold

Between my books and my various online endeavors, I sold about 1200 items in 2016. I want to multiply that by ten, and am making some exciting moves toward seeing that happen.

  • $100000 Dollars Earned Online

If goal #2 and 5 are met, then this goal should be considered an achievable stretch goal. In 2016 I made about 1/8th of that online. Maybe $100,000 isn’t reachable, but any number higher than $0 is a success in this world. Right? Go for it!

So here we go, 2017. Let’s make this the year of all years. Let’s make it the best 48th year of my life I’ve ever had. Let’s end 2017 going, “Holy crap! What kind of goals are we going to set THIS time!?!”

I hope you’ll follow my journey. Thanks for reading.

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