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By | January 9, 2017

Today was decidedly less snowy than Friday had been!

Today’s 300 mile commute was COLD but DRY. It was about 22 degrees when I fed and watered the goats and the dogs. They asked if I could arrange for a solar-powered space heater to be installed in their barn. I’ll think about it. For now, though, how about a quick tour?

Spent a few hours yesterday and today working on all the sites, but this one fleshed out its final form first.

Basically, this blog acts as a central repository for everything I write and all the ways I try to communicate with people, as well as the roles I see myself fitting in the world

First, there’s Author. This page lists all the books I have for sale, and where you can find them. Look to see at least 10 new entries here as I attempt to reach my “10 books published” goal for 2017. Fairly straightforward, right?

Next, there’s Blogger. This page shows the various blogs that I manage, and the latest posts at each. The goal here is to highlight each blog, and the last 2-3 posts in each. By doing this, I give myself a verbal cue as to which blog needs to have more time spent on it, too.

The one after that is Chaostician. That’s what I do, sometimes. Me and chaos have been friends for a long, long time. Sometimes I’ll call him up on speed dial and we’ll go rouse up some trouble. Most of the time, though, he is busy all over the world. This page is my tribute to this crazy, crazy world we live in. I’ll post whatever the hell I want here.

Finally, there’s Dad. I am working on being a better dad, and so that means paying attention to my kids, taking pictures, spending time with them, all that other crazy stuff that good dads do. Even though I am working at a breakneck pace to try and support my family, I don’t ever want to fall into a Cat’s Cradle song and end up losing them as their lives and mine fail to intersect.

There’s a fifth page, but it only shows up when I’m unemployed. Currently, I am very happily employed. We’ll keep that one hidden for now.

I really hope to have the next site, TrumpStump2020.com, cleaned up and ready to go this week, in time for the inauguration. Also, the first (of 10!) books is underway, and three more sites need my attention. Time! Argh!

Melissa did not care for my organic dentures idea.



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