A Year of Gratitude, Day 1

By | January 8, 2017

Today I am grateful for my wife. Truth be told, I am thankful every single day for her, but this is part of my commitment to write 1000 posts this year: 365 of them are going to be statements of gratitude. There is so much beauty and goodness and awe-inspiring wonder in this world, that I think it will be easy to come up with a mere couple hundred things to be thankful for.

So I’m starting it off with Melissa. We have been married for like, seven years now or something. We have four wonderful children. We are in a new place, starting a new life, and she has been the bedrock that keeps me safe and grounded when my world gets all Oz-level tornado-y. I love her more than I have loved any other person, and more than that, she has taught me how to love myself, and forgive myself for the failures of my past.

Every day I wake up, it is with the focused intent of proving her faith in me justified. Every time I sit down at this keyboard to type, it’s to share a piece of my heart with her first, and then the world. Every time I thank the heavens for my life, it starts with a thank you for her.

She is a great cook, a creative spirit, a Maker, a spirit healer, incredible lover, fierce and devoted mother, and a loyal friend. She loves to laugh, loves to sing, and opens her heart to the earth every day. I was a better man just for having met her. Every day I spend with her makes my life that much more richer, and I cannot imagine a world that she does not inhabit.

So here’s to my wife. #1 on the list of things I’m grateful for.

Who’s on your list?



This is post 2 out of 1000 for 2017.

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