A Year of Gratitude, Day 2

By | January 10, 2017

Day 2 of my 48th year, and on this day I am grateful for my eldest son, Stephen James Lang — the only child of mine who doesn’t share my name, because I got him certified pre-owned. Doesn’t matter, though, he’s MY kid. Sure, sure, there was a time when I, like Peter, might have denied that fact until a rooster crowed, but that day has come and passed.

As Stephen gets older, he becomes more thoughtful, more poised, his sense of humor improves (sadly, it will always veer toward the Cracked/Jackass/Adult Swim humor that I was drawn to at his age), and he matures as an artist and a person.

I regret that I had to cut my teeth as a parent with Stephen, because I’m not a very good parent. I do the best I can, but I demand more from a child than I ought, and I am less forgiving than I ought, and I don’t always express my love as frequently as I should. I hope he (like I did with my parents… like all kids have done with their parents) grows up and forgives me for the failures that every parent brings.

In the meantime, I am thankful every day that my little robotics-loving, Star Wars-watching, Boy Scout-questing, Pokemon-collecting kid is in my life, and that I can be with him and help him grow into his manhood. He’s 12. When I met him he was almost 5. Which means he’s half-way to graduating high school already. Time flies, and with kids it flies so fast you can never even get a grip on any of the moments that pass by while you’re watching.

Hey, with three more kids to go, I can stretch family gratitude out for the rest of the week! Yeah! Being a dad rules!



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