A Year of Gratitude, Day 4

By | January 11, 2017

Today I am grateful for my little wrecking ball, Kai Adama Starlord Clary.  When he was born — just about a year-and-a-half ago, he clocked in as the nerdiest name of all our children, taking the spot from Arwen. He had curly strawberry blonde hair (where the heck did that come from) and an impish grin that he has decided to keep and make his own.

Kai loves vacuuming. It’s literally his most favorite thing to do. When he likes you, he headbutts you as hard as he can, usually concussing himself and the person he’s butting. His favorite game is “run into someone and see if you can knock him down.” I hold out intense hope that of all my children, he will be the one who ends up loving contact sports like hockey and football. He certainly has the temper, fortitude, and disposition for it.

He loves helping around the house, loves his momma like crazy, and is ALMOST to the point of using words. Almost. Which means if you don’t figure out what he wants through his pretty clever sign-language, the word he has for you is a feral, cat-in-heat barbaric yawp like to shatter windows and set off car alarms.

I had a crisis of faith just before Kai was born, and I cannot tell you how glad I am that I came to my senses and have the opportunity to be this little guy’s dad. I just know that whatever it is he ends up doing when he grows up, he’s going to make me proud as hell to have shared in the experience.



This is post 7 of 1000 in 2017. To find out how I’m doing on this (and all my other goals), check out the Chaostician page.

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