David W. Clary is a science fiction/fantasy writer, poet, and amateur screenwriter. His books are available at and Lord knows where else.


Altearthan Saga

Peace and Glory

A Deathful Peace

Kreegan D’uarr was the greatest champion the nation of Adur had ever known, until he abruptly dropped out of the pages of history and disappeared. Now, nearly 20 years later, a young priestess has come to the King of Adur with an ultimatum: find Kreegan, or the world will be destroyed. Why, wonders the crown prince. Why must the kingdom rely on an old has-been, when he is now the champion of the king? What threat could possibly only be solved by a decrepit, old soldier? And why did Kreegan ever leave in the first place?

A Piece of Glory

Kreegan, Rowlette and Markus find themselves facing the vanguard of a massive army of monstrous creatures led by a vile beast who bears a specific grudge against Kreegan. In spite of the army, Kreegan and Rowlette must continue on their quest, leaving Markus to determine how best to prepare Adur for this incredible new threat. Questions about Kreegan remain for the prince, and it appears only one man in the kingdom can answer them: his father, the King of Adur.

A Mourning Glory

The machinations set in motion are reaching their fruition. Kreegan D’uarr is vanquished, Adur is leaderless and its armies are insufficient to meet the horde of monsters being demonically forced closer and closer to her borders. Where is John Sieg, the trusted right-hand of Kreegan? Where is Markus Trime, when his kingdom needs him most? Where has Rowlette’s god gone, when the fate of the world hangs in the balance?