A Year of Gratitude, Day 2

Day 2 of my 48th year, and on this day I am grateful for my eldest son, Stephen James Lang — the only child of mine who doesn’t share my name, because I got him certified pre-owned. Doesn’t matter, though, he’s MY kid. Sure, sure, there was a time when I, like Peter, might have… Read More »

A Quick Tour of the Place

Today’s 300 mile commute was COLD but DRY. It was about 22 degrees when I fed and watered the goats and the dogs. They asked if I could arrange for a solar-powered space heater to be installed in their barn. I’ll think about it. For now, though, how about a quick tour? Spent a few… Read More »

A Year of Gratitude, Day 1

Today I am grateful for my wife. Truth be told, I am thankful every single day for her, but this is part of my commitment to write 1000 posts this year: 365 of them are going to be statements of gratitude. There is so much beauty and goodness and awe-inspiring wonder in this world, that… Read More »

New Year, New Me, New Goals

Happy 48th birthday, me! Holy crap. 48. Well, it was bound to happen someday. Specifically it was bound to happen 48 years after I was born, and today just happens to be that day. And just like every year about this time, it’s also just a week after New Year’s Day, the time most people… Read More »

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

My grandmother’s grandfather was a man named Andrew Rowlett. This would have been my father’s mother’s mother’s father. Rowlett was a circuit-riding Freewill Baptist preacher in the late 1800s. He rode an old yellow mule named Steve, and went from church to church, preaching around the Swifton, Arkansas area. Every year, on the first Sunday… Read More »

The Terrific Tale of My Midlife Crisis

The second site in my new publishing venture is live. NomadInAmerica.com is the ongoing story of the year I went insane. I quit my job. I flew to Vegas. I bought an RV and I went driving around the western states, looking to figure out who I was, who I needed to be, and how… Read More »

My New Business Venture

Hey everyone. I am embarking on a new journey. An attempt to find myself, find my niche, and hopefully find a place where I belong and feel comfortable in my own shoes. The goal is establish a digital media company where the sites I write for generate enough money to allow me to keep writing… Read More »

The Motivating Mark of Humiliation

I had a friend who used to be amazed that I could start almost any anecdote with “Back when I was a…” and then interject a career path as far flung from my current one as you could think of… over and over again. It doesn’t really speak well for my ongoing search for career… Read More »

Happy Memorial Day!

Ok, so this blog is a little lame. Sorry. If you want all the action, you need to head over to http://hardhobbittobreak.com. All the cool kids are there!